About Us


Al-Rasheed Factory for marble and granite is a Saudi company established in 1434 Hijri /2013 AD It is one of the branches of the company: Mohamed Hadi Al-Rashid, and with the development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia of construction works, the factory was established to keep pace with local, regional and international market, The variety of production is of high quality and credibility.

The factory is one of the most developed factories in terms of modern and diversified production lines to meet the needs of the market. It is one of the largest factories located in the Kingdom, with an area of 50,000 square meters.


Al-Rasheed Marble & Granite Factory owns exclusive quarries, with a production capacity of more than 36,000 m3/ year. The factory is constantly searching for new sites to obtain the best granite and increase the production capacity to meet the local, regional and international market needs.


The production capacity of the factory is 720,000 square meters per year of different colors, sizes and thicknesses